Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bubble Tease

 One of my projects on this trip was to get some bubble tea. Now, I am aware that it originated in Taiwan, but it is still a far more popular trend over here in Asia than anywhere in North America. From all that I have tasted and tried so far, there eems to be a particular interest in texture here: from the way they prepare much of their meat, to their love of 'gizzards' and fish lungs (I tried those yesterday!), the tapioca pearls in bubble tea fit right into the food culture.

I had the occassion to get some earlier today as I strolled around Bugis Village, the most incredible market I have seen. You can get your hands on anything and everything and at an incredibly low price! I was litteraly in heaven!

I was contemplating which flavour to get when a lady ordered a papaya milk tea. I saw the girl make it and there was no powder involved, just the milk, ice and huge chunks of fruit all thrown in a blender. I was like...I WANT!

So I ordered the same with boba (tapioca pearls).

It is a very simple thing and yet somehow this bubble tea tasted so different and so much more delicious. Perhaps it is the milk, the fruit, the ice(?). The boba are slightly different as they are flavoured according to their color.
Whatever it was, I enjoyed every last sip and bubble of this drink. I am going to have to find a replacement for it in Boston....the Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square is just too far away for me to frequent as much as I will be doing once I get back...I shudder to think what I will have to do to find me my asian street food.....

And as much as it pains me to say, I have come to my last day here in Singapore...I really feel an affinity to the place, through its food, its culture...everything! On the bright side, I have seen a lot of the country (which is really pretty much the size of a small state), and tasted many of the interesting food stuffs that are local dietary staples. I of course missed out on a few things, but that just means that I jave something more to look forward to for next time:)

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