Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rocking out on the Harbor

Boston is a wonderful city at any point of the year...(ok, so maybe I felt differently a few months ago in the middle of winter) but once the weather takes a turn for the better, the city's offerings really pick up, particularly with regards to outdoors activities.
This Sunday, a beautiful sunny day, I got myself on the first Rock and Blues Cruise of the season.  This series is a wonderful way to experience the city's skyline and harbour during the day with friends old or new. The cruise is three hours long and presents two different bands who play throughout the cruise.  It is a fun, simple way to appreciate the city from a completely different angle.  (more info below)
This is just one shot of the city as we were coming back in, it's quite a sight.
Three hours of admiring the harbor and jigging to the tunes of Enter the Haggis (representing Canada!!!) and Carbon Leaf really works up an appetite. Luckily this area of the waterfront has recently received much attention from restauranteurs. One place I have been very curious about is Temazcal Cantina.

Although this may be seen as yet one other mexican restaurant that has popped up in the past few months (Temazcal opened in April), this one has a very American spin.  For one thing, the menus are ipads...featuring scrumptiong renditions of every dish and cocktail.  The menu alone can serve as ample entertainment for the first part of the meal...

Another feature is their roasted suckling pig, which, at 32 dollars a person gets wheeled out directly to your table and carved right onto your plate. I suppose the sight is enough to turn the weak of heart away..I myself wanted to change my order and veer towards the delicious beast.
My friend and I, after ordering our mammoth sized (and quite strong) cocktails..(another facet of the American-style of Temazcal), decided on their version of a sampler platter. This included crab flautas, pork tacos, bacon wrapped shrimp (the prize stealer without a doubt) and chicken stuffed tamales. I found the food very satisfying. The only complaint was the flour tortillas which did not seem souple enough to embody the filling.  However, at 25 dollars, it was a great and frugal way for two to enjoy many of the featured menu items.
We attacked the food and in the end were happy not to have ordered their Lobster Guac...Even though it looked like the most delicious and genius item on the menu, neither of us would have succeeded in doing it justice.
 I seem to be starting a trend...pair a fun activity offered by your city with a great meal and you have yourself the perfect day. Temazcal was a hit, it was not an authentic restaurant, but at least it did not pretend to be.  Knowing what you are going for is essential to a successful business.
If you are interested in the Rock and Roll Cruises (which you should be!) check out their website:
Most cruises are 21+ with the exception of next Sunday. Enter LUCY at the checkout and get 6 dollars off this cruise for a total of 20 dollars...bargain? I think so, particularly as the proceeds of this cruise will go to Lucy's Love Bus.