Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Planning ahead

As a frugal foodista, I spend quite a bit of time planning which meals I will be eating out and where the best place to eat them will be.
As a general rule, this planning usually looks to the weekend for inspiration, so I's Wednesday night, why not start thinking about where I should go out for dinner this weekend? Lucky for me, my dad is visiting, so I have even more of an excuse to go out and explore some of the recent culinary spots I have had my eye on.
I am thinking that Saturday, for dinner, we should go to Vapiano at City Place in the Theatre District. I feel like an italian restaurant, where you can go around and pick your own pasta/pizza or salad would be a perfect way to get my dad back on his two feet after his flight, while preparing me for the evening's performance of La Bayadère. (for information on the Boston Ballet's current season, visit:
 Of course, we will have to go somewhere sweet afterwards and as per usual, my heart tends to veer towards homemade ice cream at Picco, but I won't rule out another place.
I think Sunday will be a bit up for grabs, social obligations may take up some of the meal times...but I have my hopes set high for Monday morning...we will venture out to Paramount on Charles street for their famous breakfast.  This should be a perfect opportunity to beat the usual weekenders and get great food without the usual brunch bustle.
The only problem with planning things ahead is that sometimes you realise just how much you want to be there already, right as you realise just how much you have to get through before those great rewards can be the very least, I know I have something to look forward to! As do you dad :)

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