Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Buttery Biscuit...major downsize

I always like to think of The South End Buttery as a charming little neighborhood spot where you can go for great coffee and other such treats.  Although this is indeed what it is, this lovely idea sometimes get disturbed when I go in with a mind to stock up on a good stodgy breakfast and instead come out feeling quite unsatisfied. 
Their Buttery Biscuit is usually known for its quite large portion and relatively small price.  A big and buttery biscuit cut in half and encompassing scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon, all for 5.95.  It is a great breakfast and in the past, I would have said it was a breakfast of champions! But alas, this visit seemed to prove my thoughts and expectations otherwise for when our order of two buttery biscuits came up (yes I love them so much I recommended them to my dad), they were the tiniest little things...I was quite shocked.  I have noticed that this tends to happen occasionally at the Buttery. You will rave on and on about some item they carry and then you go back to get and find it has downsized by about a half. I noticed the same had happened to its muffins about a year ago and their butterscotch scones (another favorite) seemed to have befallen the same sad fate...
The Buttery Biscuit still tasted great, but there is always an added element of joy when you get more for you dollar and this time, the size factor was missing...
Let's just hope this was just a bad day for the ovens, maybe the cook left out a bit of baking soda...either way, hopefully this sight does not reach my eyes upon my next visit to the Buttery! ( I mean really, look at the one on the left!!!)

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