Monday, November 29, 2010

I finally made it to Paramount!

You must know what it is like to have a goal which, for some reason or other, seems unattainable.  This is how I felt for a while with The Paramount, a restaurant on Beacon Hill which friends and strangers alike had been raving about for pretty much the entire time I have been in Boston.
I had however, had no luck in getting to experience this place for my self and it wasn't lack of trying! Any time I had tried to go I was met with an unattractive wait time - granted, I somehow always showed up at peak times. 
This past Monday, the last day of my dad's visit, I set my sights on The Paramount for breakfast.  I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to walk around Beacon Hill and Charles street with my dad while making it out to the restaurant for their famous brunch, without the weekenders milling about.
And guess what!? It worked!
One of the funs things about The Paramount is that you go in, order your food and then take a seat. It is set up in diner style, nothing too fancy and not at all intimidating.   (However they do spruce it up a bit for dinner which is a nice touch.)
So up we went and as I like to do, we ordered an egg dish and a sweet dish.  For the former, we got a bacon and egg omelette with sweet potatoe fries as a substitute for homefries and for the sweet dish, we got their special: french toast with bananas, walnuts and caramel sauce.
Both dishes, were absolutely fantastic. The french toast was made with just the right amount of moisture, the bananas were the perfect ripeness for such a dish and the walnuts were toasted to a divine sweetness and crunch. 

The omelette was fluffly and the sweet potatoe fries, although perhaps not as good as those from the Friendly Toast, were rustic and a nice compliment to the salty bacon.
Suffice it to say that there were no left overs, every last bit of caramel sauce was scrapped up, every last frie was eaten - it was a paramount meal!
I will be going back for their dinner, hopefully I can find an opportunity to go when their won't be a mad rush of people, but even if there is, a gander around Beacon Hill is not the worst thing while you wait.

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