Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tasty Teatro

It's not uncommon to be wandering around the theatre distrist and have the sudden desire to go somewhere chic for a quick drink and a bite. The problem sets in when you realise that most chic places come with a daunting price tag...I found myself in such a situation the other night and decided to give Teatro a try. This little italian restaurant is located opposite the Commons on Tremont street and looks small and selective from the outside, but becomes more welcoming as you step inside.
Given the name, the location and the set up, it seems like a pretty sleek and expensive place that would empty the pockets. However, whislt it does indeed have the ability to rack up an impressive check, there is a way to go about it well, frugal-y.
Teatro's menu now includes a piattini or 'small plates' menu which means you can order a few different tastings each costing around 3-7 dollars. These are great for sharing or simply to create your own personnal meal. Of course, it may not be the heartiest meal, but that would depend entirely on how many piattini you order. They also have an enticing sounding pizza menu which would also be a nice idea for sharing.
The entree menu is naturally where prices start to fly high, but again, the nice thing about the pastas is that you can order half portions at half price; another way of getting in a nice fancy meal for under twenty...tip included.
Teatro's wine list is quite impressive and their house wines are 6 dollars a glass. I had their house made White Sangria at 9 dollars the glass and it was one of the better ones I have tried so far. As a side note, it is always best to order a cocktail 'light on the ice', otherwise you end up with a quater liquid to 3/4 ice...
But you know the most impressive thing about Teatro was that admist all of its exterior glam and intimidating aura, the staff were exceptionally friendly and attentive. I only went in for a drink and a small bite (as it turns out their truffle fries with parmigiano are to die for) but I would be very much tempted to go back again and live the life of a rich business person only with a much different check!

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