Friday, December 30, 2011

Follow The Honey to Crema!

After a period of worrying about being alone for the Holidays, I ended up with visits from both one of my younger sisters and my mother. It is always so nice to have your family around, especially when you can show them some of your favorite spots, or explore some place new!
On Wednesday, my mother and her friend's last day in Boston, I decided to take them on a little tour of the Harvard part of Cambridge and we got to explore both old and new:)

We first ventured into one of Greater Boston's newest novelty stores, Follow The Honey. And what might this novelty store novel in? Well, ok, so it's obvious, but the sheer range of products, gizmos and treats that are on display in this tiny little ground level store on Mass Ave is remarkable.

 Of course, they have an endless collection of honeys, both local and exotic. Luckily, they also have a tasting bar where you can sample any product you are curious of...which for me was many! I tried some delicious whipped bumbleberry honey, some 'gritty' honey collected from rare killer bees, and of course, I had to sample their pungent truffle oil honey - my mother was not as enthused...but hey, it's an acquired taste!

The way the store is organized is part of what gives this place its quality and charm.  It is organized in a homely, cottage-like way with vintage furniture displaying things from specialty honey, to honey infused spreads, honey beauty products, books and more.  

In one cupboard, I found some of their unique honey spreads, from a chocolatey-honey spread (like Nutella...but maybe better!?) and the whipped bumbleberry honey that I sampled. Things like this are so versatile and can be used in teas, on toast, over ice cream...or on their own:)

Some of my favorite items were held in a cabinet of cubby holes; honey inspired mints, throat lozenges and simple but genius sticks of honey for a sweet snack on-the-go. And yes, that is a bee-hive inspired tie you spy;)
Other novelties within the novelty would be the self-serve honey tap set up in the back and a little mini fridge with a small but specialized selection of cheeses.
The staff are also just about as sweet as the product they peddle, walking into Follow The Honey is indeed like finding a little pot of sweet gold at the end of...well an avenue:)

After our stint in the hive, I brought my guests into the square where, defeated by the powerfully chilly winds, our ambling brought us to refuge at Cream Cafe, a favorite espresso hub for students and residents of the Square. I have always wanted to try it because it receives rave support from my fellow food bloggers.

On a cold day, it is a busy place, but we were lucky enough to snag three spots at their espresso bar and despite the little slips in the specifications of our order, once we were all set up, it became a great rest stop.
I am always happy to show off parts of Boston to visitors and I am even more happy when I end up finding a new gem.  Follow The Honey will be revisited..and with Harvard Square just round the corner, a nice little excursion is easily justified...with or without out-of-town visitors!


  1. I've never heard of Follow the Honey (looks adorable), but I LOVE Crema Cafe! I'm glad you got to try it out. I'm a huge espresso/coffee person, but they make a drink called the Red Crema (I think it's called that) that is a rooibos tea late with honey and cinnamon, and it's just divine. YUM!

  2. follow the honey is such a cute store! i really love it! and i love crema as well!

  3. Mm, that drink sounds amazing, I luuuurve tea lattes;)