Sunday, December 11, 2011

Above Par at Temple Bar!

Temple Bar, located at 1688 Mass Ave in between Harvard and Porter Square, is a spot known for its bar and drinks scene this side of the river. It's little wonder then, that it's brunch is not as well known. However! What is not well known does not mean not well done, and I am very happy to say that brunch at Temple Bar is worth the mid-morning trip.

After a brief hiatus in gatherings, the Boston Brunchers gathered for the first December brunch event. (The second as it so happened...was the very next day!) Meeting up at 11 oclock, we had a great long table and it did not take too long before all the hungry brunchers had assembled.

I always show up with an appetite and it is such a pleasure (and a relief!) to see some little tid -bites waiting for us. Temple Bar had some deliciously moist banana bread and some slightly less impressive double chocolate muffins.  I ordered a latte, and it came out hot and rich using LavAzza coffee..just the way I like it! It even came with a little cookie - I was already feeling quite settled.
 What I noticed right off the bat was the attentiveness of the staff. Little details that usually go unwonted like extra plates appearing out of thing air just when you need them, empty plates and cups being cleared with a flourish and detailed answers to any questions. (And believe a group, we ask some pretty specific questions!)

Unusually for me, I had my choice picked well in advance -the Cheddar-bacon Biscuit with house-made maple-sage sausage and eggs.  This dish had jumped out at me right from the start - this not meaning that the other dishes were not tantalizing as well - but I just have a thing for buttery biscuits:) As can be gathered by the picture.. this guy really did the job. It came out piled high (but not impossibly high) with delicious scrambled eggs, thick juicy and slightly spicy sausage, just the right amount of cheese all between a hot buiscuit . The latter was special in that it was embedded with cheddar and bits of bacon...oh and a pot of red jalapeno relish was served as an accompaniement...on the road to Temple Bar yet?

It was delicious.

The home fries were also a hit, crispy and seasoned just right. I also got to try some of the 'Croque' Eggs Benedict as well as the steak and eggs. Everything was executed with a masterful balance of stodge and is that even possible?

Oh - and the prices were right too. My dish, which I could not finish and now have enough for another meal in my fridge, was only 10 dollars! The most expensive thing was the steak and eggs and this came out to 16 dollars as well.

After all this eating, the pastry chef surprised us further with an array of desserts. You know how I like my sweets...we tried their cranberry orange cake..

Their caramel cardamon creme brulee, which reminded me of a delicious Chai Latte...
  My personal favorite was the pumpkin pudding trifle. I said and will quote myself, ' I would go back just for the desserts'.

So if this is not a success story I do not know what is. A place I was interested in for later in the evening is now one I would consider for earlier on in the day...there is nothing like being blown away before your day has even begun!


  1. I love that we get to taste so many dishes at these events! I loved the touch of sweetness the biscuit sandwich had!

  2. Yes indeed! I was just discussing with someone how great it is to eat with such an interested and open group of eaters:)

  3. The desserts were such a nice surprise on top of the delicious entrees!

  4. I agree...lucky for me I had heard this might happen so I saved some room!

  5. I love Temple Bar but actually have never had brunch there. Nice review! Bummed to miss this brunch, hopefully next month I can make it!

  6. You will have to try out their brunch:)

  7. I miss it...leftovers were gone days ago:(