Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dazzled at The Bristol Lounge

 Being away from my family and not able to go home for the holidays, I was worried that I may be spending this Christmas on the lonely side.  Fortunately however, I managed to pry one of my sisters away from home in Toronto and she came to spend a solid few days here with me:)
Of course, after boasting about all that Boston had to offer, I could not afford to disappoint! Having a food blog certainly lays on a bit of pressure! Lucky for me, I had just the treat to introduce Rosie to a solid food scene in Boston - The Bristol Lounge located across the Boston Commons in the Four Seasons Hotel.
As it turned out, this was in fact the only meal we ended up eating out - all others were spread out among various different homecooked dinners and holidays parties.
Before heading to the restaurant, we had to make a pit stop at the complimentary beverage station offered by the Hotel...with our faces practically frozen solid, this was much appreciated!
Now before I get started, I must admit that part of what made this Christmas Eve breakfast so special, was that it was a prize I had won earlier this year through a Twitter contest. So the whole thing was orchestrated as though we were VIP and with pricing not being an issue, my sibling was easily impressed:)

I started off with a deliciously creamy soy latte made with freshly ground Illy coffee. It was essential after such a freezing trek over.

As suggested by The Bristol Lounge themselves, (and other guests of the restaurant), we ordered their Lemon Ricotta hot cakes. They come drizzled in a plum sauce with plump blackberries and candied lemon rind as a garnish.
 It is essentially a pancake, but made with ricotta cheese, so apparently it is much healthier than your average pancake. The inside is gooey and delicious with a subtle taste of lemon.
We also ordered a side of fruit and the two together made for a perfectly fresh, zesty and very tasty start.

The next item we ordered was their famous lobster Eggs Benedict. We felt especially spoiled with this entree as it was not listed on their menu...but the Chef made it up special just for us!
And lucky he did too, the lobster meat was succulent and topped with two poached clouds...or I suppose they technically are called eggs.
It was served with a half of an avocado, breakfast potatoes (which I could have done with more of they were so yummy), a roasted tomato and this tangy-sweet corn salsa. The Bristol Lounge managed to make this dish, which, traditionally is quite heavy, go down a treat:)

After our meal, with our bellies and eyes quite satisfied, we couldn't help but ask for a picture in front of their amazing Christmas tree. At first glimpse, I thought it was just a very large, very decorated tree....

But upon closer examination, I found it to be a gigantic tree made of all different sized Teddy bears!
Rumour has it that they even had a Teddy Bear Mascot ramping around a couple days earlier...too bad we missed that!
This first initiation into Boston was a perfect treat for my sister, she was thrilled with everything from the minute we walked in. Being a prize winner certainly helps as we were taken care of with such attention that we felt as though we were the only ones in the whole restaurant! This is no easy feat as the BL is always booked when it comes to Holiday weekends...with the spot on service and food, it is no wonder why!