Monday, April 25, 2011

A very happy hour

From approximately 5 to 6 this afternoon, Kickass Cupcakes made my sweet tooth very happy. As always, on the last Monday of every month, they hold their happy hour with miniature-sized alcohol infused cupcakes:
They rotate their flavours of the month and this time around, I was beyond ecstatic to see that they were featuring a St. Germain cupcake! As some of you may or may not know, the St. Germain cocktail is my default drink...and well, truthfully, my drink of choice.  This cupcake,(the one with green icing and little sprinkled stars) is appropriately called The Mayday and consists of a vanilla cupcake soaked (quite litterally) with St. Germain elderflower liqueur and topped with champagne icing.  It was like my favorite drink in a delicious cup cake shot!
The others were a strawberry margarita; vanilla cupcake with a tequila soaked strawberry center (I know they are a cupcake happy hour, but when they say 'soaked'...they really mean it; I thought I had taken a little shot of tequila when I found the center of this baby!)
The third was a Jack Daniel's Float which was my least favorite, but still very tasty. It was a root beer cupcake with Jack Daniel's chocolate custard and whipped cream on top.
It is no wonder I await the end of the month with such anticipation.  Kickass never fails to deliver - having When Pigs Fly bakery right next door always helps too....
Next Happy Hour: May 30th...take note!

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