Friday, April 8, 2011

Post Performance tid-bites

There are always two things on my mind immediately after a performance.  Number one: food, and number two, shower.
The first is always the most important, seeing as its satisfaction is conducive to me being at all social.  Luckily, I have found a perfect niche for my post-performance needs. Max and Dylans, located at 25 West Street, right by the Opera House, has a great menu, full of tasty appetizers and other snacky things as well as a great drink menu.
This place is known for its different, though equally delectable, renditions of mac and cheese.  Below is their classic mac and cheese, served with a copious but not heart-attack inducing amount of cheese and topped with just the right amount of crumbs.
Another personal favorite are their waffle fries, which come smothered in cheese (yes it's a main ingredient at this restaurant) and spicy jalapenos.  This dish is perfect for sharing, which is usually the case as I meet up with show-go-ers or other fellow-famished dancers.  Suffice-it to say that this dish does not last long.

They also serve up some decent flatbreads. We tried their shrimp flatbread which was mediocre and their buffola chicken, which was much better. Neither were amazing, but flatbreads are always a pretty perfect bar snack.
I think my top vote however would go out to their buffalo chicken sliders.  These come with a surprisingly spicy, but very tasty buffalo sauce which is countered nicely with a blue cheese dressing.  The buns are rustic and hold their form superbly against the strong flavours of the buffalo chicken.  These are a definite must!

The steak and cheese egg rolls are very undewhelming however and I would not waste any time or stomach space on these.
All in all, Max and Dylans is just what I need after any performance, whether I was performing or not. It is perfect for large groups as it is a large space and best of all, if you bring in your Opera House Play Bill, you get 25 percent off your food bill!
Hope to see you there:)

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