Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An underground Ethiopian stronghold in the SE

I am embarrassed to say that in all my four and a half years of living in the South End, I have only just been to Addis Red Sea, an Ethiopian restaurant in the area.  Perhaps this is because of its sub-level location, or the fact that you can't see in and never know if anyone is in there...either way, whatever the excuse falls flat once you venture inside and literally feel as though you have been transported out of the South End and right into Ethiopia.

Firstly, you do not sit at usual tables, there is no cuttlery and you eat off of a 'Mesob'.  Ethiopian cuisine is known for their spongey bread which serves as a plate and accompaniement with your meal.

My friend and I did not take any time to order, we started with two of their 'lentil sambusa', an ethiopian take on a samosa. These were simple and tasty, the pastry was just the right consistency without over powering the filling.

We then ordered their Addis Red Sea special, which is a non-vegetarian assortment of meats, served on their bread.  There were two types of chicken curry, two types of beef curry and two vegetable sides: collard greens and tomatoes.

The meat is so tender, it just falls apart in your mouth. Look at this macro shot! My friend had actually just taught me how to use this...I think the results are pretty successful:)

And here is an action shot..in case you were curious as to how the bread technique works!
I give this restaurant an absolute five mini-me rating. It was delicious, had an incredibly authentic atmosphere, the service was excellent and best of all, the price cannot be beat! It is worth a trip to the South End, especially seeing as you will actually be traveling to Ethiopia!
After all, why not get a step ahead on your summer itinerary?