Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers...and lots of other treats!

So Marathon Monday was gorgeous, today...not so much, but as I see things, it is always best to keep a positive outlook whenever possible.  Thus, I see today's rain, and I look forward to a bright May with beautiful flowers and lovely weather;  I see days filled with outdoor activities most of which have some kind of food-related aspect that only adds to the anticipation.
Sometimes it is hard to remember what those days are like and you may even have forgotten what kind of fun activities are out there. In case you find yourself in such a pickle, I thought it would be about time for me to give you a couple of options. For the moment, I will just give two, both of which are excellent ways to bring you back into the swing of spring and summer fun. 

The first is naturally relative to summer's most favorite dessert item: ice cream.  Of course, this frozen dessert is an integral part of my diet year round, but I understand how some people just can't face it in the long cold winters.  Luckily, I have just the place to put on your radar for when you are ready to come out of hybernation:  3 Scoops, the epidomy of a Mom and Pop creamery, located near Brighton Center on Washington Street.  It is the home of many innovative ice cream flavors which rotate weekly - or daily depending on the whims of Raul, their ice cream maker in chief.  I had the opportunity to visit the store today and will be coming out with a much more detailed post regarding this gem.

The second thing I propose is an activity I have fancied since the begining of the year when I first heard about it: the Boston Chocolate Walking Tours. These, hosted by A Taste of Chocolate are a tremendous way to learn about the chocolate heritage in a few different areas.  They hold tours in Harvard Square, Back Bay, the South End and Beacon Hill. I am hoping to set up a date within the next few weeks...
I am very excited and fairly certain I will come out with a much deeper appreciation of the history of chocolate....as well a satisfied sweet tooth...if indeed that is possible!

I encourage you to venture out of your nooks and experience these two options.  I will be blogging about them more explicitly this week, so stay tuned!
If you are immediately interested and what to know more, go to either of their websites:
3 Scoops does not have a website, but follow them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/3scoopsbrighton

If you have any fun, foodie actitivities you think I should add to my list...send them my way!

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