Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spreading joy and sugar for the holidays!

As promised, here is a review of the Drop in and Decorate Event we held this past Monday.
It was a great success, we had about 175 cookies to decorate and given the turn out and the sheer speed at which we little elves worked, we had them all beautifully and colourfully decorated within the first two hours.
It was such a fun way to spend our Monday afternoon, whenever I looked around I would see my friends with their heads bent over their work, frosting tube in hand, it was like we were all kids again!

I think the winners as far as innovative designs went go to Emily and her cow pig:

Paul and his cartoon/frog creature:

and the special sprinkle technique and innovation behind making this upside church bell into a tulip: (this one was mine!!)

Every single one was done with care and joy and I truly think the receivers will feel these things as they sink their teeth into these deliciously festive sugar cookies.

The charity we chose to donate to is Casa Myna Vasquez which is a local shelter for domestic and date violence. I really hope they enjoy the cookies as much as we enjoyed making them.
This event is a perfect way to have fun and give at the same time, I know it lifted my spirits for the week!


  1. Looks like you had a great time, and the cookies are spectacular! I know that the women and children at Casa Myrna will smile their biggest smiles when they see the cookies. Thanks to all Boston Ballet folks who participated.

  2. We really did!
    Thank you for founding such a great organisation!

  3. Great job, Rachel. This should become a Chaloner Associates / Boston Ballet tradition in the middle of Nutcracker!.


  4. I will make sure to pass that compliment along!