Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at the Boston Ballet

It is a curious line of work, being in the theatre business.  As a ballet dancer, we spend multiple hours a day rehearsing in our studio location in preparation for our performances staged at the Opera House. We don't have offices and especially around this time of year when all we do is Nutcracker, when asked what I am currently working on, my response sounds like something out of a story book, 'Oh well I am a flower, a snowflake and the Arabian dancer.'
Walking around backstage is probably even more interesting for someone who is not involved in the production.  Another thing one might find amusing is the amount of treats and goodies one can find within the dancers' reach.  I think the Nutcracker season is the most remarkable in terms of costumes and creatures as well as treats and goodies one might find backstage. 
Our chiropractor, Mika, and his wife, Christine spoil us with their decadent brownies and other treats like raspberry crumble and lemon bars.  Just yesterday, they brought us an assortment of oreo truffles and raspberry and peach filled shortbread cookies in all shapes and sizes:

 Luckily, Mika brings us treats every thursday, it is something that we have built into our schedule now and it he were ever to be sick on a thursday...goodness knows what would become of us!

Craig, our stage manager is an amazing baker and another one who spoils us here at the Boston  Ballet.  I think Christmas is one of his most inspired times of the year, we were all treated to an assortment of his delicacies ranging from cheesecake cookie bars, english toffee bars, mint chocolate chip cookies, coconut-seven layer bars and a special cookie I dubbed 'the kitchen sink' because of it used all of the odd leftover ingredients. 

He also makes these fabulous almond cake bars that are so moist with a perfectly crispy and top sprinkled with sugar...yummm!
Some of the dancers also bake up a storm during this holiday. You see, for us, it is more than Christmas, it is the final stretch of the longest production we have all season.  On Christmas eve, we just performed our 32nd show, we need a little something sweet to keep us happy and running! A corps member, Sarah, makes the best angel food cake. I was lucky enough to get a huge one just for me! Don't worry though, I will be sharing it with friends on Christmas day!

We were awarded with a few different kinds of fudge: 'Sucre à la crème' as per the Québecois tradition and expertly made by Orchestra conductor, Geneviève. (You can just barely see the few pieces that were left before I took the shot, it is surrounded by carrot cake cookies and little cinnamon twists as well as homemade donuts...she really does things right!)

 The head of the costume department, Heather, made us her famous 'penuche fudge', which is the sweetest, most decadent and delicious maple fudge with walnuts and sugar, sugar, sugar!

We were also endowed with some tasty South American treats, these bite sized pieces of heaven were handmade by Adi, one of our Soloists. They are scrumptious orange and pistachio shortbread balls covered in chocolate and dusted with pistachio crumbs...delish!

As you can see, we are very spoiled at the Boston Ballet. However, I can assure you that this is not the norm and is really only that extra special effort everyone puts in for Christmas.
I hope you all enjoy yours and that your Christmas' are filled with more than delicious treats, but laughter, love, friends and family!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful assortment of goodies! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Awwww, so sweet Froogie! Hope you nice people all have a wonderful CHristmas too.

  3. Yes everything was as wonderful as it looks!
    Merry Christmas to you all as well!