Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boston does Burgers

There is nothing that warms you up more than a good burger.  When it is blizzarding outside and you have been hopping from one closed (or packed) restaurant to the next, sometimes you just need to settle down at your local burger joint and enjoy some fried goodness.
As you can probably guess, I am speaking from recent experience, and this experience took place at the Boston Burger Company in Somerville.
I first heard about this place at the Phantom Gourmet food festival where they were giving tastes of the King creation, bacon, peanut butter and banana on a burger...yes you heard it right! Naturally, this taste ignited in me a thirst to try the place out for real.
You can imagine my excitement when our snowed path took us right to the Boston Burger Company. My friends and I were lucky to get the last four top table in the small diner-like restaurant.  The menu, although very simple, is difficult to choose from because every burger sounds better than the other.
After warming up with some delicious sweet potatoe fries and onion rings, we ordered three burgers to share between ourselves.

I selected the Run down, which comes complete with tomato, lettuce, cheese, deep fried pickles and potato sticks. It was so moist and juicy...and messy!

My friend, upon considerable encouragement from my end, went for the Mac Attack, which fittingly, comes topped with four cheese macaroni and bacon. Interestingly enough, once my friend bit into it, there wasn't much opportunity for me to help him along, I settled for one amazingly cheesy, crispy bite.

The monster below is something of a 'pièce de Résistance' in itself.  It is called the 'Kitchen Sink' and comes fully loaded with a fried egg, bacon, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms smothered in american cheese, provolone and BBQ sauce.  It is something else...sounds a mess, but I have never seen such a beauty! The funny thing is, is that this baby takes a back seat to the Artery Clogger, another item on thei burger menu!

I am proud to say that between the four of us, every last bit of deep fried or grilled food was polished off...and dare I say it? I could have gone for more.
With 24 burgers on their menu and a whole slew of other menu options, it's a real tragedy the Boston Burber Co is located in Somerville.  At 8 dollars a burger, I would be there all too often!


  1. Yummers x2. After reading this I was craving a burger so bad that I braved a snow storm and went and got me a five guys burger. only because I am in Colorado and not Boston~ Your Blog is gonna make me fat! yay!

  2. I love five guys! Good choice, definately worth braving the storm!