Friday, December 10, 2010

Drop in and Decorate Event!

There is nothing better than spreading cheer and joy during the holiday season.  Most charities have special Christmas events and activities and many other organisations hold fundraisers to help disadvantaged groups in society so that they too can enjoy some of the things we have come to associate with Christmas time.
I am very glad to introduce a relatively new organisation called 'Drop in and Decorate' which is a non for profit that bakes and decorates cookies for donations towards individuals and other charitable organisations in the community.

Founded by food blogger extraordinaire, Lydia Walshin, Drop in and Decorate is a great concept because it allows any group of interested people to participate.  You bake your cookies, decorate them and send them off to any group from a list provided on their website:
The ballet will be participating in a Drop in and Decorate event this coming Monday. It is our only day off during the Nutcracker season, so why not spend a couple of hours decorating some cookies for people who will truly appreciate them!?
I agree with Lydia when she says that 'money is great, but cookies are something special' - and it really is, because I know we will put a little bit of joy, love and festive spirit into every cookie we make! And as you can guess, I am a huge proponent of food being one of the best ways to spread joy for the holiday season!

Check out their website for more information and be sure to check back here, I will be documenting the entire event!


  1. I am sure you will make beautiful cookies and brighten up some lives at Casa Myrna. Ted

  2. Thanks Ted, wish you could be there!