Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yes, it was my birthday this past weekend...and I bet you can guess what I asked for! Food to start, some more food, some food on the side, an extra helping of food and desserts at regular intervals!
Lucky for me, my friends saw this coming and had therefore anticipated my over enthusiastic state of being when we entered my chosen spot, the Friendly Toast.
Located in Kendall Square in a little corner off the beaten path, this old-time diner is probably my favorite brunch spot in all of Boston.  I have blogged about it once before, but that was before I had tried them out for an actual meal...and a birthday meal at that!
The planets must have been aligned especially for me, because our party of ten, which is pretty ambitious for a Sunday afternoon, were seated within fifteen minutes of our arrival at the restaurant.  We used this time diligently by going over their mouth watering menu.  This of course had me completely hyped up, our waiter (as well as the other diners at the time) must have been wondering why one frizzy haired individual was bounding around the restaurant with poorly contained glee.
Once seated we got right to business, one of my friends and I ordered a few different items, we got their Drunkard's french toast (FT soaked in grand marnier with raspberry coulis), pumpkin pancakes (with raisinettes cooked in the middle) and their New Hampshire's finest (goat cheese, asparagus, scallion and BACON omelette) with homefries and their homemade apple jack bread.  It was all so good, I don't think any words could do them justice. Luckily, I have pictures for a visual!

Also of note are their sweet potato fries, perfect for sharing, although you might get antsy and try to smuggle them all onto your plate.. ( was my birthday!) Their breakfast burrito and their huevos rancheros are also great choices.
You can't really go wrong, everything is incredible, the people a re very friendly, the food is of a superb quality and the price is just right.
I will be going back to visit my new found friend very soon, I hope you will be able to experience this place at some is worth a trip from any distance!

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