Sunday, October 24, 2010

A tribute to spontaneity

There is nothing more thrilling than a night out on the town guided by nothing more than the seat of your know, those nights where you just go with the flow, no itinerary, no expectations.
A couple of nights ago, a good friend of mine and I did just this.  Shortly after a social event we attended at the Back Bay Hotel, we found ourselves milling about with no particular plan other than our general feeling of not turning in for the night. As the designated foodie, I usually feel somewhat responsible for getting us to the next drink/nourishment spot.  Lucky for me, all I had to do was look up and there, shinning like a beacon of hope, was the sign for FLASH's Cocktails, a bar I had always wanted to go to, especially seeing as it was the home of a secret beverage made with...bacon!
Before we knew it we were in Flash's with menus ordering our first's hard to start right off the bat with a cocktail that involves molasses, bacon and maple syrup!
They are famous for their inspired and original cocktails and after tasting their fiesty princess which was a vamped up margarita, thair bloody mary type martini and their chambord featured lesbian fizz, this was clear. Before too long though, it was time to get down to business and out came the Pigshake - vanilla ice cream, molasses, maple syrup, Captain Morgan Rum, bacon fat and bacon all blended together to make a surprisingly delicious cocktail.
We split it four ways, because by this time, out little party had grown by an unsuspecting other.
He was a great sport, not many would willingly join a group of people armed with pigshake, but I think that he, like us, knew that the night was destined for over-average adventures. I don't think you could really justify a bacon cocktail any other way.


  1. Happy Birthday Foodista Ballerina!!!! I think you're having a great time with all that dancing and foods and friends. It's great to be Rach, isn't it.

  2. Thank you Homero!
    I had a great birthday, I will be blogging about my birthday brunch shortly! Stay tuned!