Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fig-in' fabulous pizza on Charles

Ever walked along Charles Street on a beautiful, cool autumn evening? The shops are all lit up with halloween decorations, restaurants are packed with buzzing crowds of happy looking people with delicious looking plates of food in front of's quite the scene.
Last night my friends and I were walking along this very street and we experienced this very atmosphere, it's truly charming and makes you envy all those lucky people who live on the Hill.
We seldom make the trek out there, but this Friday night we decided we should do something a little different to celebrate the end of the week and the begining of the weekend. We had our eyes and tummies set on Figs, the famous pizza and pasta restaurant on Charles, owned and operated by Todd English. I had never been inside this place, but have had the occassion to try out their signature pizza and pasta twice before. So I knew going into it that we were in for a treat.
Of course, I also figured it would be a bit of a stretch to hope to get all of us girls into this place on a Friday at 8 pm...I also knew that they do take out and that finding a place to sit and enjoy our meal would not be hard to come by.
As I guessed, when we got there, we were told there were to be no openings until about 9 30, so we nixed the sit down plan and opted for take out.
After a brief purusal of their menu, we decided on their signature fig and prosciutto pizza and another split half and half with their crunchy eggplant and their pulled chicken pizza.
About twenty minutes and a stroll around Charles street later, we were on our way to our friend's place with two large, warm and excrutiatingly fragrant pizzas.
Let me spare you the details and simply say that it's been far too long that really amazing pizza, with complimentary toppings and perfect crust have filled me up. The two large pizzas were just the right amount of food for us famished post-work girls and paired off with some vino, it really hit the spot. And the best part? It cost ten dollars a person.
How is that for upscale frugal comfort?
Next time you are in the Charles street area, don't feel intimidated by the flux of antique stores and expensive boutiques...stop by Figs for a delicious treat, and that doesn't just go for its pizzas, by the look of things, their other menu items are just as hot!
Check out the place on Todd English's website :


  1. so nice to meet you at the union park harvest festival the other day! i have never walked up charles street, or eaten there! my dentist is up the street from there, but after visiting the dentist, i am never in the mood to go eat! haha. i will have to get there soon!

    ps. i am having a fabulous giveaway, sign up!!