Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Tooth!

Tomorrow is Monday, however it happens to be the last Monday of August so before you get too depressed, let's just take a moment to realise what this truly means....Happy Hour at Kickass Cupcakes!!!!
As per usual, the last Monday of every month, from 5-7 pm Kickass Cupcakes sample off their liquor inspired cupcakes. It is a real treat and if you can make it down to Davis Square (Red line two stops after Harvard Square) it is well worth the trip.
While you are down there you might as well enjoy some of the other great foodie spots this town has to offer, why not stop by Whens Pigs Fly, conveniently located a few doors down from Kickass Cupcakes, you could hit up their Dairy Bar for some delicious milk and cheese or you could have your cupcakes first and then head to one of their fun restaurants in the area.
Make it a Monday evening to remember! I know I will...

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