Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last minute sample alert!

I write with excellent news! I have just found out that this Saturday and Sunday, there is yet another fabulous food if there haven't been enough already!
At two oclock on Saturday in Somerville, there will be massive amounts of ice cream to be sampled out for those yielding a ticket to the event. On Sunday, this very same thing will occur in the South End during the SoWa Sundays farmers' market. Big ice cream names will be at this ice cream showdown, among which, my personnal  favorite, Picco Restaurant :) but also my other favorites, JP Licks, Christina's and Stonyfield and some brands I have yet to experience...Toscanini's, Batch, Coop's Microcreamery and Chilly Cow Custard.
All this taken into account, there will be something for every kind of ice cream lover and you want to hear the cherry on top? All the proceeds go to one of the following organisations: Share our Strength, Lovin' Spoonful, Somerville Local First and Community Servings.
This is just like the Scooper Bowl, only this time, I will be in the country!
Buy your tickets (8 dollars) online at:
Hope to see you Sunday!

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