Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Rush

Without much effort on our part, we find ourselves in the last month of 'real summer' here in North America...after this month, fall creeps in, the winds picks up the increasingly evident stray leaves and green turns to orange and red...and then brown...BUT! Before we get too consumed by melancholy, let us truly enjoy this month and all it has to offer here in Boston!

I feel that I may have neglected my frugal foodista duties recently...all of this globe trotting! But here I am and first thing is first...Godiva Rewards!
As usual, every start of the month provides a new opportunity to get down to your nearest Godiva boutique to try out your free chocolate of the month. https://www.godiva.com/member/rewardlogin.aspx

This month also sees two newcomers in the Back Bay area. Right by Hynes Convention Center on Boylston, we have a two floor coalition restaurant with three bars for maximal space and opportuniy. I say coalition because behind Towne Stove and Spirits are the city's most forward and rising restauranteurs including the backers of Sonsie, Summer Shack and Scampo. Check out their menu on their website: http://www.towneboston.com/

Another newcomer is also in Back Bay and funnily enough, right in front of Towne. It is called Back Bay Social Club and may not invite frugality, but then again there is no harm in a splurge once in a while! This place is decked out in red plush booths and straight backed chairs. The welcoming thing about this social club is that it requires no membership. If you think about it that way, it is probably the most frugal way of being part of a social club! In case you want to make a reservation and see their (slightly unfinished) website visit: http://www.backbaysocialclub.com/

The menu is chock full of the usual bar restaurant types, aka Steak Frites, House Made Garlic Sausage and apparently, a Monday special of Chicken and waffles...that one tickles my fancy!

On the 19th-21st there will be a Green Fest, at Boston City Hall Plaza and...it is sponsored by JP Licks(among others)! This event will have it all, events promoting environmental awareness, green exhibits and well...ice cream! Check out the details: http://http//www.bostongreenfest.org/
Lastly, (although I am sure there are more such events going on throughout August), the farmers' markets continue serging onwards through October, so make the most of them while you can! (be sure you hit them all: http://www.massfarmersmarkets.org/)

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