Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Taste of India

The Frugal Foodista goes abroad again! Now, before you get too excited, I didn't go to India, but rather, just across the border to Toronto. However, if any of you know what Toronto is like during the summer, you will be well accustomed to the diverse cultural events that go on all over the city.

I went to one such event this weekend, called Masala! Mehindi! Masti! which celebrates South Asian culture. Hosted at the Ex (exhibition center), South Asian culture was displayed in all its beauty and colour with food tents, live entertainment and bazaars, it made for a very vibrant and exotic display. In its tenth year, this event is designed towards celebrating the South Asian culture which is immenent in the city while extending a welcome to those who do not have much experience with it.

I am a huge fan of all South Asian cuisine, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, you name, I love it! So when my father held out the newspaper clipping which had the article advertising it, I jumped on the opportunity the very next day.

The event was a success! Each food stall beckoned you closer with its fragrant scents of tamarind and tumeric...its masala powders and chick pea curries. We all had different dishes, Palau rice, samosa, pakora and butter chicken. We gorged ourselves among the rich and textured flavours. The director of the event would have been proud, as he states, 'Street food is like a tasting table,' and taste we did!

Toronto is a great city, and its celebration of cultural diversity is without a doubt one of its highest acclaims.

For more information on this and other festivals, check out the following link:http://http//

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