Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bienvenue au pays de la baguette!

Aahhh le Gay Paris! Accordions playing by la Seine, horizontally stripped clothing at every corner and baguettes under everyone's arms, c'est la vie!

These may seem like stereotypes but they are actually very realistic, my friends and I sat outside during a happy hour and people watched (another big parisien thing) for an hour or so and during that time we counted 56 people with stripped articles of clothing and ten walking baguettes. It's a fun game, you should try it sometime.

But let's focus a bit more on the culinary activity of this amazing city. Along with many other aspects of society like arts and culture, Paris shows a large amount of ingenuity with its on-the-go options. There are little sandwich and crepe stands at regular intervals throughout the city. These stands offer fresh paninis, breads, crepes and salads for very cheap prices. It is something so simple and yet so effective. Things like this are lacking in other places. For one thing, it is incredibly difficult to find a good, hearty, sandwich for under five dollars in Boston.

Their crepes are also a great, simple idea. You can get them with savoury ingredients or as a something sweet with nutella, which is a very popular condiment in this part of Europe.

Perhaps I will come back to the states and bring these ideas back with me....then again, I will probably just end up grieving them....ah well....c'est la vie!

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