Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spain done - France here I come!

So today marks the last day of our Spain tour and the end of a great adventure, both culinary and otherwise.

Since being in Madrid, I come out with a very good fab meal to bad meal ratio, especially considering the incredible tourist level in the area we have been living in.

I think the highlights would have to be the tapas restaurant I reviewed in the previous post, a cheap family-run vegan restaurant with a delicious burrito and a fabulously small and local bar we went to yesterday night following the Spain triumph over Germany at the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup.

I was lucky to finally get out to the La Latina district, where all the hopping bars and authenticity of the city's nightlife are hidden away. I was also lucky to be escorted by two men who had spent their entire time in Madrid scoping out the best places to eat and drink. One of the latter took it upon himself to order me the 'best dish of the house', this being a pork tenderloin dish glazed in a sweet apple sauce reduction and caramelized onions. A pretty traditional dish I hold my mother in high esteem for...but this one was something else altogether. It was indeed the simplest and yet the most ingenius thing to put on a plate. I had to resist not licking the plate clean once I was done...actually, who am I kinding, I soaked up every last bit with my piece of bread and wasn't embarassed in the least. I need to go out with these boys more often, they would make excellent accomplices!

Although Madrid has been such a success, I must admit I am ready to move on to explore a new country and culture. The French after all are famous for many a culinary inventions....or masterpieces.

I can't wait to sit by La Seine with my fresh croissant or my baguette and Camembert. This will be the vacation within the vacation...I have been so spoilt!

Tonight, what is left of the Boston Ballet tour will dine together at an Argentinian restaurant that has been a favorite of many throughout the Madrid segment. I sincerely hope it lives up to the hype placed over it!

I await gay Paris with increasing anticipation and an aching belly!

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