Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get your 'Gozi' on at Piperi

1 Beacon Street, a space which has seen many different themes over the past couple of years, was last known as Dore Creperie, a pop up crepe cafe headed by a team of young business entrepreneurs.  To this day, they served the best crepes in Boston, but, as is the nature and intrigue of all pop ups, they do not last forever.
I would have been quite crushed about this had I not the thought that the vacancy could lead to some other food related venture.  Happily, as of a couple of weeks ago, I can say that this silver lining has become reality. 

 1 Beacon street is now the home of Piperi, a Mediterranean  grill serving signature Turkish dishes from 'Gozi' sandwiches, to falafel bowls and more. 
Last week, a friend and I went to check the new space out.

The team at Piperi, headed by chef/owner Thomas John (formerly of Mantra) and his partner, Tim Oliveri  (CFO of Au Bon Pain), have done wonders with the inside, combining warm colors and rustic wood paneling for an inviting atmosphere.  The space is open and conducive to quick drop ins or longer, more leisurely lunches.
My friend and I were very fortunate to get a low down of Piperi, its inspiration and goals by Tim.  Having worked together for nearly a decade at Au Bon Pain, they have become a dynamic duo and their passion for serving excellent food as well as their desire to create a community and family around fun, fresh and interesting food were the inspiration behind Piperi.
Importantly, the care and attention provided by Tim and Thomas, is shared throughout their entire team, with a group of friendly people behind the line waiting to help you make your decision and take your order.

As one might expect after this description, the food at Piperi is absolutely delicious.  No corners are cut, the vegetables are delivered fresh from a partnering farm everyday, and roasted 'a la minute',  chicken is antibiotic-free and organic and get this, there is no freezer at Piperi...so nothing nothing is ever frozen:)  Their falafel, hummus and other accouterments are made in house according to a secret (and most delicious recipe) and above all, their 'Gozi', inspired from traditional Turkish bread 'gozleme', is made in house by the hour.

The menu is simple, with three structural options; Gozi sandwiches, salads and mezze plates (with rice pilaf).  To your style of dish, you add whichever signature toppings and sauces you like from an array of options.  
My friend and I stepped up to the plate and ordered a Gozi sandwich with chicken and vegetables ( a seasonal medley including cauliflower and butternut squash).  Once you order, you go on to choose your toppings.  I went for their red cabbage slaw, which was crisp and tangy, hummus (creamy and delicious), feta cheese and their spicy tomato sauce.  All rolled up in their Gozi bread, this was the most delicious, interesting and colorful salad I have had in a long while. Apparently, statements of that nature are not rare at Piperi, and I truly understand why:)
With the Gozi bread being so delicious, the Piperi kitchen team took it a step further and make their own pita chips. Choose from sweet and cinnamon to savory, with salt and a touch of heat. These paired with their delectable hummus makes for a perfect snack...just a thought:)

With the array of freshly made toppings, a salad or plate can provide you with a more visual presentation of each element.  The falafel is fried just right, not too crispy or thick, the olives are plump and juicy.  Everything complements together so well and yet I would be quite happy ordering a tub of any one of the toppings just to eat on its own.  A half portion of their Gozi bread is also served with their salads...so you don't have to worry about missing out:)
All in all, Piperi is a fantastic spot to enjoy something different, authentic and deliciously fresh.  It is in a prime location for Beacon Hill residents, Emerson students and those who work in the vicinity of the downtown/government center areas.  Lucky for us at the Boston Ballet, during our performance season (ahem...right now!), we are also very near and I can't think what would be more comforting than a Gozi sandwich before a show:)
Hours are: Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6 pm and Saturdays, 11- 3 pm.  Extended hours are currently under discussion:)


  1. I work at One Beacon so I've been going to breakfast andlunch at Piperi so often. So excited they are there.

  2. You are so lucky:)
    I am glad this space has been filled by something quite fantastic - and different!

  3. I went there with my family visiting from Canada on Saturday. One of the best sandwiches we have ever tasted. So fresh, and delicious and the staff were so accommodating. I will be spreading the news. You don't get food any fresher than this.

  4. I agree:) Thanks for your comment and I hope you and your family enjoyed your visit to Boston!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about watching certain spaces around Boston. Central Square has had a lot of turnover in the past year or so and I'm always anxiously waiting for new restaurants to replace struggling ones.

    I've never heard of Gozi! Everything at Piperi looks delicious - I'm excited to try it out.

  6. Absolutely:) Such an exciting time!!!