Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2nd visit to Puritan & Company - even better than the first!

 By the time Sunday rolls around and I have completed 6 shows of The Nutcracker, there is really no messing around when it comes to dinner.  Usually, my friends and I do something really easy and simple in the South End, where most of us live.  This past Sunday however, I was meeting up with non-dancer friends, which is always refreshing, who just so happen to have access to a car:)
We decided to take advantage of this fact and head over to Inman Square for another visit to Chef Will's
The three of us had already tried the restaurant (my friends happen to be very 'on pointe' with the food scene as well:) ) and with our first trips being so successful, we were excited to try it again, this time, all together.
I am happy to say that my second visit was even better than the first!
With each course, Chef Will proves that his restaurant is an establishment that respects every detail, every ingredient and every angle of each item on the menu.  Taste and composition marry together to produce plates that are both aesthetically appealing and incredibly well balanced.  All the while, subtlety is provided through simplicity and the knack for showcasing exactly what the dish is intended to be - honest, natural and fresh.

We started with their duck liver mousse, which is a prime example of Will's approach.  Many restaurants have great duck liver mousse, but few would think of presenting it in such an interesting and logical way; a thick spread on the plate with toasted brioche and elements of tang, fruit and pickles accented throughout.
Their bluefish pate was also perfectly done, this time simply presented, with no frills, and somehow, just as effective.

For my main meal, I ordered the chicken.  I never do this at restaurants because I am so often disappointed or presented with a dry or over-sauced rendition.  Not at Puritan! 
Chef Will presents an earthy dish, with moist chicken breast and crispy chicken confit atop a bed of farro and blackened onion puree with brussels. 
The chicken was so juicy and tasty, not overwhelmed by sauce or other flavors...I had forgotten how delicious chicken can be:)

We also tried their chicken soup, with a robust chicken and duck broth and their lamb sausage.  Both, again, were beautifully presented with every ingredient having a purpose. (So many restaurants go overboard and their dishes become confusing and over seasoned).

For dessert, we split their quince tart, which came in a buttery crust with almond tuile and sharp, sour cream ice cream. It was a perfect way to finish our meal, I especially like the presence of fresh herbs and little sprigs which come directly from the herbs planted in pots at the charcuterie bar.
With a second visit being such a success so soon after the opening, I think Puritan will continue to grow, with service becoming more and more smooth.  This is certainly a rave review and my own opinion...might I suggest you go and see for yourself?  I do not think you will be disappointed:)

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