Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Lone Star Taco Bar in Brighton

 This past weekend was the first 'real' two-day weekend I have had since the 28th of January.  When we move to the Opera House, we switch to our performance schedule, which involves a Tuesday-Sunday work week and a consequent farewell to good ol' two-day weekends.  
So you can image that I would be filled with glee at the opportunity to explore a full two days' worth of adventures:)
As my previous post documenting my Saturday night can attest, I think I can feel pretty good about my inventory.  It would be shame however, to skip over my trip to Lone Star Taco bar, which I managed to fit in on Saturday morning...
  Located in Allston and just recently opened, this taco bar is a sister of Deep Ellum, a much loved, local craft-beer and food spot.
The interior is a simple long room with a full length and tequila heavy bar on one side and wooden benches and metal tables lining the other.  With a huge buffalo head overseeing the whole venue, it has a distinct Texan feel which is fitting, seeing as 'Deep Ellum' is in fact an area in Dallas known for its live music and culture.

 The menu is organized in small-portion items with tacos being their main attraction.  My friends and I decided to try an array of different numbers and shared them all.  We started with an order of the 'made fresh-to-order' guacamole.  It came served in a large bowl, boasting big lumps of avocado, onions and freshness all around. I really loved the chips, which were crispy and fried. (I have to give my friend credit for the shark fin certainly gave the dish a super dangerous look:) )

As far as tacos go, priced at 4 dollars each, we ordered pretty much all of them.  Above, we have their beer battered and fried fish taco with red cabbage slaw and their beef brisket taco. Lone Star has a great approach, simple and fresh ingredients...they achieved this motto with every taco, making each one a delight.

One of my personal favorites was their tofu and avocado taco. This vegetarian option came with sweet and crunchy corn salsa and black beans.  The different flavors and textures really made for an eclectic bite every time. 
The carnitas, aka, pork, taco was also a hit. The blend of herbs, cotija cheese and the perfectly cooked meat, had my friends and I fighting for the last bite:)

A taco joint would not be legitimate without traditional street corn.  I do not know exactly what does into this dish, but it is pure genius.  Some kind of combo of cojita cheese and fresh cream with a kick of chili powder make this snack something to look out for and at Lone Star, they do not disappoint:)

Seeing as it was a Saturday morning, we felt we should at least pretend to have some kind of breakfast staple, luckily, they had a great Huevos Rancheros for us to add to the table. Two home-made corn tortillas topped with an incredibly vibrant and colorful ragout of vegetables, beans, two almost perfectly (could have been more goo-ey) eggs and fresh avocado.  Each ingredient individually was delicious and so you can imagine the effect when you get a bite that has all components fused together...yum.
I would have liked a bit of chorizo or something, I think it needed a bit of spice and some kind of meat.
All in all, Lone Star Taco Bar is a great place to kick back with some Mexican beer, or a tequila inspired cocktail and some really fresh and tasty tacos. 
This is an honest spot, nothing too fancy, but good and affordable...too bad they are not open late:)


  1. I seriously have dreams about Lone Star. Next time try the bean tostada. It won my heart....