Thursday, March 8, 2012

Industry Brunch at Trina's

For those of us who work in the entertainment industry, whether it's as a performing artist, a chef, waiter or any other profession of that nature, weekend brunch is just not feasible. As a dancer, once we start performing, our week goes from Tuesday through Sunday with Monday being our day off. I cannot tell you how difficult it is sometimes to be setting off to work on a Sunday morning when it seems as though everyone else is strolling out of their homes and restaurants are emitting sinful aromas of bacon and eggs.
Luckily, in the heart of Inman Square, where many a great food related endeavors take place, Trina's Starlite Lounge has our interests at heart with its Monday 'Industry' Brunch.
I have known about this phenomenon for quite some time and finally made it down to check it out this past Monday, after a weekend of performing Play With Fire.

Trina's us a tiny little cut out of a building on Beacon Street and it has the strong feel of a good ol' diner.  The inside is a bit dark, but sitting by the window on a sunny day..well, there was enough light to take decent pictures:)

Being with a couple of other food bloggers, we decided to try out all three 'start it up' items.  Just as well we didn't try to pick and choose, they were all great! Above we have their corn fritters served with a honey dipping sauce.  The crispy outside was thin and became a simple contrast to the creamy goodness on the inside once you took a bite.

The Breakfast Poppers were also a success with a surprise of sausage and cheese tucked away on the inside of the spicy Jalapeno.  We all loved the cheddar cream sauce that came for dipping and we kept it at our table for future use...just in case:) I did find that the batter on the Poppers was more fried than the corn fritters, but perhaps you need a more crisp outer layer to hold up to the pepper...
My personal favorite was their homemade Pop-tart of the day.  Monday's flavor was raspberry, the soft, phyllo pastry came filled with berry tasty fruit and a fine layer of delicious glaze.
For our meals, Kathy ordered their 'Ay Caramba' benny which was basically a twist on your usual eggs Benedict.  Black bean cake, 2 over easy eggs and spinach came topped on an open faced, griddled bagel and doused with a spicy hollandaise.  It was something quite special!

Another great item was ordered by Rachel, she chose their bananas-foster french toast: two thick slabs of challah bread served with caramelized bananas and thick, whipped cream. The taste I tried certainly had me craving more...but I had my own meal to tend to...
Always being the most difficult customer, I ordered their breakfast bagel sandwich, but instead of their bagel, I requested their house-made Buttermilk Biscuit. (In my could you possibly see such a thing on a menu and not order it!?) I ended up being very happy with my decision.  2 eggs over easy, muenster, avocado and lettuce came perfectly piled atop a huge buttermilk biscuit...heaven on a Monday morning!
Here is another shot, just in case you could not gather the gargantuan size from the first picture...oh and PS...I somehow managed to finish the entire number:)
After this great start to my Monday, I was able to go about a great many things on my to-do list. I suppose there is one thing that I do love about having Mondays off...and that is going to the grocery store when it is not full of crazed-fanatics rushing to get all their staples for the week.
With Trina's Industry brunch...I don't think I have much to complain about:)


  1. I would have asked for the biscuit as well -- looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out :)

  2. Yes! It is great, and everyone is so fun;)