Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food and culture - transitioning towards the Foodista on Pointe!

Writing a blog is a lot of work.  You have to plan posts, keep new ideas coming and promote them so that people are actually aware of what you are going on about.  Of course, if you write a blog, chances are you enjoy writing...and you are most likely interested in what you are writing about.  In my case, I do love writing, and I certainly enjoy everything to do with food.  
This past weekend, my father was visiting from England and as always, I was very keen on introducing him to some of my recent favorite spots. As we were going about, I realized just how much I have gained from this blog and just how much it has grown.
Since I started writing this page (almost two years ago now!), it has spread its own wings and evolved as much as I feel I have.  As one might expect from a couple years of exploring a food scene, I have become much more familiar and comfortable with Boston's culinary community, this includes other food enthusiasts and the plethora of different restaurants. Throughout this journey, my frugality has become slightly compromised...as some of you may have noticed of late.
While my father was here, we had some great chats and one of them revolved around the concept of food and what it is that most intrigues me.  Nowadays, I am less interested in being frugal (although as a dancer, being frugal is still something I hold dear), instead I find more interest in experiencing what food has to offer, not only for my stomach, but for my soul.  There is such an intrinsic relationship between food and culture, food and art. 

The more I think about this, the more I see that my blog has evolved into something that comments on food as an integrated element of our society, as something more than physical nourishment.  It is a reflection of our very person, it is the instrument of many an artist and for me, this is where I would like to take this blog.
As a dancer and artist myself, I would like to veer towards a blog that explores food as an element of culture.  Boston's food scene is an incredibly exciting place these days and I intend to stay 'on pointe' with what's going on in and around Boston's food community, exploring food as an inherent reflection of the city and its people. 
The fact that most of this realization came over a dinner at Beacon Hill Bistro, a place ripe with beautifully presented food and a highly enthusiastic Chef Lewin, is not a huge surprise:) With all of this being said, I would like to bid adieu to the frugal foodista and hello to the Foodista on Pointe!
Thank you to all of my readers for keeping this blog alive and thriving through your support and interest - here's to the next chapter!
(Expect some changes to the site within the next couple of weeks!)

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