Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Presenting the Foodista Archives!

I am very proud to announce my new 'Foodista Archives' page, just launched yesterday. This page (which can be found along the line of tabs near the top of the site), lists all the restaurants and eateries I want to try out as well as many of the restaurants I have knocked off my list already.

The restaurants with one * represent my 'to-eat at' list while the ** signals a spot I have already experienced and indeed, one I have written about. By clicking on a * restaurant, you will be directed to the restaurant's homepage and by clicking on a restaurant with **, you will be redirected to the post I published about my experience. (Don't worry though, I always include a restaurant's website link in any post I write!)

I have high hopes for this list, I think it will serve as a very concrete reminder of just how much work I have cut out for me this year! If you have any suggestions of places that are not on the list, please, please, please send them my way either by commenting on this post, or by emailing me at

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