Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Across the universe on a Sunday evening

 Sunday evenings are generally low key for me. I like to feel like I can take the time to get myself prepped and ready for the rigours of the week that is to follow.
Of course, there are always those times when you break from tradition and this past Sunday was one such occasion.  On Sunday evening, from 7-9, Zagat held its Blog re-launch party at Catalyst in Kendall Square.  A few Boston bloggers were invited and I was happy to be among them - we were set up in a cozy corner of the restaurant, right by the fire. I had consistently heard good things about the space at Catalyst, and with a quick look around, the salvaged old barn wood and a couple of fireplaces, it is no wonder! Seated in our corner, we were then treated to a humble collection of some of Chef William Kovel's dishes.

 It is always nice to reconnect with some of my friendly food enthusiasts and to meet new ones!  Three guesses as to what we talk about:) It's even better when in between conversations, you get a little tid-bite to taste. My favorite bites were the seared scallops with bacon relish...
and the Parmesan-truffle fries:)

 Unfortunately, the little tastes we had were just enough to stimulate our appetites, and so, with the sweetness of their butterscotch puddings still on our tongues, Rachel, Holly (my two foodies in crime) and I headed over to Veggie Galaxy for some more substantial grub:)

This was my second time at Veggie Galaxy, a greasy vegetarian and vegan diner (if you can imagine that!). They are most known for their all-day breakfast and veggie burgers and sandwhiches...not to be confused with their vegan pizza stint at Veggie Planet.

During my first visit, my friend and I occasioned the bar overlooking the open kitchen where chefs are busy flipping, chopping and dressing away. It was a very appetite-inducing experience! 

We each ordered a sandwich, I chose their spicy veggie melt, a mixture of  tofu, carrots and other veggies topped with cheese and pressed between two slices of rye. It was a spicy, vegetarian rendition of a tuna melt and I LOVED it! On the side, a simple red cabbage salad.

My friend got their burger. I know what you are thinking..why on earth would you go to a vegetarian diner and order a burger!? Well, this is no ordinary veggie burger.. the patty is made of mushrooms and lentils and is then smothered in a delicious red pepper sauce and topped with two fried onion rings...tempted? The burger is enough to satisfy any meat eater, every last bite was finished.

Not quite as successful was their baked Mac and Cheese. The first time it arrived it was very soupy, we sent it back and upon the second attempt, it was much, much better. We think the first time it did not get its due time in the oven...
For my second visit, we sat in the main area of their dining room, set up in true diner fashion with booths and high top tables. 

Holly got their burger and was completely satisfied by the end of her meal. Rachel ordered a grilled cheese which came nice and buttery with a deliciously seasoned and grilled tomato - no need for ketchup with this baby! 

I myself, was having a huge indecisive moment, but landed on their breakfast sandwich, with egg, arugula and cheese. I asked them to serve it on their home baked, pepper biscuit and what a delight that was! Their hash browns were alright, although I could have used a bit more seasoning...

We did not have enough room for dessert this time around. But I can testify from what I have tasted previously, (above is there peanut butter chocolate cupcake with coconut whipped cream:) )  that all of their desserts are delicious and will absolutely amaze anyone the least bit skeptical about vegan delights. Other visits are definitely necessary, my belly was just not big enough to fit anymore.
Veggie Galaxy successfully manages to mix authentic diner qualities (including very affordable prices) with completely vegetarian fare.
Thanks to Holly and Rachel for making the evening such a nice break from tradition:)


  1. I love Catalyst but haven't been to Veggie Galaxy yet. Everything looks great!

  2. You should try it out! Definitely go for a burger;) and dessert!

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