Saturday, January 28, 2012

A4 does it again...this time for Brunch!

Since they first opened their doors, only mere months ago, Area Four has managed to hit the nail on its head.  Beginning first with their Cafe and Bakery, and then opening up their Full restaurant serving lunch and dinner, Area Four is seeping with the attention to detail so essential in a good, solid restaurant. 

With quirky decor decisions like the upturned chemistry and measuring cups used as hanging lights, huge open windows and a menu that evolves alongside the seasons, Area Four achieves excellence without a hint of pretension.  When I heard they were about to launch their much-anticipated Brunch service....I could barely contain my excitement. Lucky for me, I got to try it out this weekend - and lucky for everyone (although I had no doubt in my mind!) brunch falls right in line with the quality of the other facets of the establishment.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in January, my friend and I settled in at a table with the open kitchen bustling away on our left and a view of the park to our right. We quickly ordered some espresso beverages, I went for a soy latte - I can never resist espresso-art! Didn't I say they pay attention to detail here!?

With a menu that is just the right size...not too big and not too small, we started with Kastrie's basket of goodies: light and fluffy banana bread, croissant and a duffin...aka donut muffin...aka heaven coated and protected in a delicious crispy layer of sugar and butter:)
On special today was a cinnamon roll...however just calling it this does not do this bad boy justice. Chef Michael Leviton has managed to create a caramel and icing smothered (and seemingly infused) swirling roll of dough topped with more of the icing (for good measure) and whole pecans.  As crazy as this is going to sound...I think I would place it on par with the famous sticky buns from Flour Bakery...(gasp)
I would have been quite happy to demolish the whole basket of goodies, however I saved myself for the next two dishes. Although many people might skip over this item, the A4 granola with Sophia's Greek yogurt (the creamiest Greek yogurt I have tasted) and drizzled with local Honey is a great addition to the table. The three simple components come together beautifully.
 The piece de resistance I would have to say however, is their 'Hot Veggie Mess':
2 Sunny Side Up Chip-in-Farm Eggs placed atop Home Fries, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, Baby
Spinach, Cheddar, Scallions & Pickled Banana Pepper Relish.  Because no brunch is really brunch without bacon, we decided to add it to this mess...and make it even hotter.
The eggs were perfectly cooked, the balance between all the ingredients provided for a 'mess' that somehow kept its form and within each bite, you experienced each individually and yet in harmony...don't ask me how this is will just have to try it for yourself!
After this meal, my friend and I were really ready to get the rest of our day going. There is no better way to start your weekend, than with a brunch like this. Area Four is casual and comfortable, everyone from the hostess to head Chef Michael are there and happy to be, the entire team's positive energy is palpable...maybe this is part of why everything tastes so good!


  1. This looks great. I'm looking for places to go to and this good for brunch and for pizza!

  2. Oh yes!
    I am always excited to go to A4, I always leave so happy;)

  3. Chip-in-Farm as in the Chip-in Farm in Bedford? I ride past that almost every weekend. Here's to local products.

  4. Indeed! Chef Michael does a phenomenal job!

  5. You would love everything!! It may not be conducive to your diet though:)