Thursday, July 14, 2011

A snippet of glory:)

A few months ago I attended a food blogger event held at Ufood: the rapidly expanding healthy/fast food chain.
The event itself was a wonderful thing to be a part of as we were introduced to many of the brains behind the project, their mission and goals and a whole lot of their healthy and surprisingly, very tasty food. I did a blog post about it following the event: Healthy food, fast and surprisingly delicious!
I thought that was the extent of the adventure and was indeed very happy to have dipped my pen/camera into the whole shebang.  However, just today, I was alerted by a friend to a recent social media video posted on Ufood's website.  Lo and behold, the frugal foodista's webpage is up for a moment alongside other prominent boston based food bloggers.
I am very happy to see my blog up their contending with the other great bloggers of the area:)
Here is the video if you are so inclined as to take a peak!
Oh and don't worry, I will be putting up some posts more directly related to food shortly....:)

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