Sunday, July 24, 2011

And now...for Montreal's finest!

A week in Montreal sure flies by - and yet, I know already that I will not be able to write a piece about every single place I would be a task altogether too daunting!
Instead, I have decided to put together a compilation of the best spots I went to, from the yummiest taro bubble tea to the most surprising bathroom encounter...enjoy:)
A wild night in Montreal would not be complete without a Sunday morning trip to China Town for Dim Sum...and bubble tea! 
Three cheers to the fab crew who made it through a night to remember...and then some:)

There are always those key items you have to get when you go somewhere. Poutine in Montreal is one of them and I am really embarassed to say that this is one of the things I did not manage to do...and this is with their 24hr Poutine restaurant - La Banquise... All things considered, I did have some great Frites from Frite Alors - complete with two of their house made dipping sauces.
After a few nights of Japanese cuisine, my friend and I decided we needed to try some other culture out for size..Indian food really hit the spot...
As did our Vietnamese stint with their Pha - or three layered coconut milk drink complete with red bean and live worms...(or that's what I always tell people:))
Montreal streets are all fab, especially when one is named after you..I told you Montreal does things right!
Speaking of doing things right...what city has a bar called Candibar that serves alcoholic slushee drinks with gummies and ring pops? Oh - and their menu is a giant lollipop!
On thursday, after a whole lot of anticipation and celebrity build-up (i.e. 'Anthony Bordaine ate here last week!') We headed to Joe Beef, a locally sourced, menu-changes-daily restaurant.  The food was phenomenal, with the dessert (and house made rhum flavoured soft serve) taking the cake :) The service was abysmal but there was a bull in the bathroom..what can I say? You win lose some!
A personal weakness of mine is the Bilboquet, a delicious artisinal ice cream and sorbet house. I dragged my little sister here on the hottest day during a heat wave and I can tell you right now that the mango sorbet with their 'Cacophonie' (dark chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chunks and cashews) was heaven on earth.
Finally, what would a trip to Montreal be without a good crepe? My last stop had a sweet finish at Juliette et Chocolat.  My fruit covered crepe was beautifully slathered in a semi-sweet dark chocolate with a lump of vanilla ice cream to help things along.
It was the perfect way to top off a perfect week.
I would like to send a shout out to my bestie, Clara, who showed me all her favorite places while trotting along to most of mine:)

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  1. Montreal loves you too Rach!!!!!! it waas sooo fun! many more restaurants next time you come :)