Thursday, May 26, 2011

A toast to the end of another season...and a successful remodeling!

 Rock Bottom, your classic american fare restaurant located in the Theatre District, just recently re-opened its doors after renovations.  The place, successfully remodeled and looking swanky with all its leather booths and large bar area, thankfully has the same bar menu and more importantly, the same key dessert items.
After our final performance of the 2010/2011 season, a few of us went out to toast and celebrate another successful season with the Boston Ballet.

We started with some bubbly, although the waiter made us all slightly nervous with his saber (j/k) he managed to get it open without taking anyone's eyes out and we raised our glasses to the season. 

Now, when at a place like Rock Bottom, you have to recognize that you are about to indulge in some comfort food. In other words, don't go to Rock Bottom and order a salad, first of all because the burger will be better and secondly, once all the dressing and toppings are said and eaten, you may as well have had the burger. With this in mind, we got their RB Appetizer Sampler which came in two tiers.

On the top, we had southwestern rolls, which were my favorite: (pulled chicken, black beans, corn, roasted red peppers and Jack Pepper Jack Cheese), firecracker shrimp, Green Chili Fried Mac n' Cheese and their famous ball park pretzel.
The second tier was their jalapeno, spinach and cheese dip, which was a little high on cheese and low on jalapenos.
I loved it all, the only item I was less enthused about was the green chili mac n' cheese balls.  This was only because there was a bit too much fried batter and not enough cheesey mac...
Once this was cleared we moved onto desserts, another sure forté of Rock Bottom, one I was again relieved to see survived the remodeling.
We ordered their Pint Glass Sundae, complete with Espresso Chip Ice cream, chocolate wafers, candied walnuts, whipped cream and fudge. It was delicious and just the right thing to mix with the other two desserts.

Their original  carrot cake was a must and proved to remain a staple RB order.
Third we ordered their White Chocolate Bread Pudding which was my least favorite of the three, but still a a strong contender in the bread pudding business. The latter tends to be a diffiult dessert to make and RB does a good job, this one was a bit on the subtle side, but perhaps this was just in relation to the other desserts it was competing with at the time.
Either way, everything we ordered was great, the prices remain in the mid range for the type of food, but the area and portions make it a pretty good deal.  I always look forward to a meal at Rock Bottom and won't be waiting until the end of another season for my next one!

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