Monday, May 2, 2011

The closest I will ever get to El Bulli...

For those of you who are familiar with the term 'molecular gastronomy', you may also have heard a thing or two about El Bulli - the stronghold of inventive and experimental cuisine located in Spain. Headed by Ferran Adri√† and his team of culinary geniuses, El Bulli is one of the single most sought after foodie experiences in the world.
In this year's Independent Film Festival, from the 27th of April to the 4th of May, a documentary on the inner workings of this phenomenon was put on earlier this evening in Davis Square.  As per usual, it never takes much to get me to this area, I love everything about it.  The fact that a rare documentary about my fantasy restaurant was going to be presented was like a chocolate covered cherry on top!
I dragged two of my friends along with me and sincerely hoped they enjoyed it at least half as much as I did.  Luckily, we managed to skip this long wait...

The somerville theater houses many interesting spectacles, and they always do it with style.  Little details like their old school popcorn boxes are always much appreciated!

The documentary was amazing and informative and I have never been so excited about food and its limitless dimnesions.  Who would have thought you would make a ravioli with an exterior that disappears when dipped in water?  The chefs that worked at El Bulli are more than culinary specialists, they are artists and scientists all in one with creative outlets that continue to expand.  I think my favorite innovations were these little pine nut twigs drizzled with honey or this crazy dish that combined mini tangerines, ice , olive oil and green olives.  They also spent a lot of time trying to create a cocktail with peanut oil. 
Everything is trial and error for these guys and the question is always, 'Does this make sense?'.  It is not just taste that matters, it is an entire package.  Presentation, texture, colour, smell and taste all come together to create an emotion or to rescucitate a childhood memory.  Simply put, every bite is an experience.
Throughout the whole documentary I was just thinking to myself, this is what I want to experience, I need to get myself to this place.  You can thus imagine my disappointment when I realised that they just recently closed their doors...
On the bright side however, they are going to be continuing their research and experimental practices so as to continue fueling the molecular gastronomy trend of contemporary cooking.  At least I know it's out there...all I need to do is start chipping away at it!
In case you are interested in El Bulli and its history, visit:
Beware...once you have been exposed to this kind of innovation...there is no going back!

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