Saturday, May 7, 2011

Much Deserved Desserts

There is nothing that makes me happier than an offer like the one above. These little pieces of joy were to be found in the playbills handed out on Thursday for the opening night of Bella Figura at the Boston Opera House. I snagged a couple, as is my usual style when it comes to coupons (you never know when they might come in handy!) and as it turns out, they make for  the perfect post-performance treat!

My friend and I had the show off and we decided to go and put the coupons to good use at Petit Robert Central, conveniently located a few blocks away from the Opera House.
 This restaurant, the third Petit Robert location, is in a prime spot for business crowds and theatre go-ers.  On this particular night, it was very quiet, which was nice - there was no wait and we had our pick of seats. We decided on two bar seats and proceeded to order.
We each got a drink, featuring St. Germain...who could have guessed? Mine was a delicious concoction the bartender invented with St. Germain, Orange flavoured vodka and fresh grapefuit juice.  The whole thing is topped with some champagne which floats and cuts the strongness of the other flavours.  It has become my new favorite drink. My friend ordered their tequila st. Germain drink which was complex and delightful - perfect for the coming summer weather.
For desserts, we ordered their Giant profiterole (below): 

And their G√Ęteau au Chocolat Petit Robert, which is a decadent chocolate cake, soaked in liqueur with layers of rich fudge frosting.  I am a tough critic when it comes to chocolate cakes, and this one did quite well. It was just moist enough and the added kick from the liqueur was a really nice touch.  The dish was accompanied by a chocolate Eiffel Tower - I could you go wrong? I will say however that had I paid the 10 dollars for it, I would have been a bit disappointed by the portion...

The service was exceptional, our bartender was very attentive and apart from a couple of glitches on the bill - all of which were taken care of immediately, the entire experience was enjoyable. I would go back even without my barricade of coupons...that is saying something!

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