Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend events galore!

I always worry when Thursday roles around and I haven't heard of any local festivities...luckily, more often than not, by the time Friday hits, I usually have one or two neat little tid-bites to pass on to you!
This weekend, there a couple really neat and frugal sounding events, which really can't be beat!
First, and I apologize for the short notice, but tonight, from 6-9 in Union Square, Somerville there will be another great indian festival. Celebrating Indian culture, there will be a plethora of beautifully colored punjabis and get indian food! As usual with Indian festivities, music, art work and dancing will take center stage so entertainment will not be found wanting.  The party will continue throughout the night at the Independent where Indian style cocktails will be featured! I really hope you can make it out at some point tonight!
Second we have another interesting event taking place in Dorchester at Tavolo, their famous Italian restaurant. Luckily, this will be on Sunday, so you have time to get your head and schedule around it. Tavolo will actually be celebrating their second birthday, which is a pretty big deal for a new restaurant on the block. The terrible two comes in more than years on Sunday, you can get two dollar bellinis and take advantage of a two dollar bar menu from 5-7. Seeing as it is a Sunday, this time slot might just work out for you!
As if these two festivities weren't enough, I thought I would tack on a Monday celebration...these are a little more rare. In Brookline, at MJ Ready International Bistro, you can enter the pie contest of the year. For five dollars, you are qualified to eat all the banana, raspberry, strawberry, apple and any other fruit you can think of going into a pie, as you want. It's from 6-10, so you will have no trouble pacing yourself to get your money's worth...or your stomach's worth, which ever is greater! And what better way to welcome the start of automne than a pie party!?
I think between the three of these events, you will find something to satisfy your stomach, or your frugality. I sure will!


  1. Awesome! Did you go to the Indian festival and if so how was it? Did they have Bollywood music playing? ;)

  2. I actually did not make it to the Italian festival...a baby shower called! I went to the Indian festival at the Charles a few weeks ago and not only did they have bollywood music playing, they also had a plethora of indian dance troops! I assume this one was similar in entertainment...they really do these festivals well!