Thursday, September 16, 2010

A stomach full of opportunities....

Fellow foodies! Another weekend awaits and with it comes many opportunities....
As you all know, Saturday will be the day to reserve for the NE Dessert Showcase happening at Westin Copley Place from 12 -5..and you know I will have something to say about this when I am through with it! (You can still buy tickets online at, or at the door of the event.)
After your crazy Saturday night you may be in the mood to kick back, watch the football game and be surrounded by cheap, easy to reach and easy to eat pub grub...if this is the case you should head down to the Baseball Tavern at 1270 Boylston from 10-2 pm on Sunday morning. They will be offering great views of the football game, 1dollar hot dogs, 25 cent wings and 4 dollar Bloody Marys. It probably isn't what I will be doing on Sunday morning, but I can definately see the appeal!
Or maybe you are reading this and thinking...enough with the food extravaganzas! I just want a quiet weekend with maybe a modest little food related outing...Well, lucky for you, there happen to be about four new places on my radar. Checking one of these places out can lead to very rewarding results, especially if you end up enjoying the place so much that you can see yourself becoming 'a regular'.
If you are in the mood for a good burger, try out Tasty Burger, 1301 Boylston in Fenway (I recently did a segment on this new spot).
Or you could go to my favorite culinary spot, Davis Square and try out their new beer tavern/brasserie, Foundry-on-Elm.  Here you will be welcomed by 32 different beers on tap and a wide ranging menu capable of satisfying the most ecclectic of parties.
If you are in the mood for something completely different from American fare, why not try out some Italian at Vapiano's by Boston City Plaza?
Or maybe some Mexican at Zocalo near Back Bay station?
I could keep going....but I won't because I know that sometimes too many options are just as bad as none at all.
I trust that you will do with your weekend what you feel is best, hopefully that involves some kind of culinary adventure...but then again, not everything has to revolve around food...right??

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