Monday, November 26, 2012

Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker...the sparkle and hair gel:)

 Following a day of gorging out on Turkey, we opened our very new and very fresh production of The Nutcracker.   Boston Ballet's dancers, artistic staff and production teams have been working on this new version for close to a year now; changing our most popular ballet, a token of tradition in the city of  Boston and indeed throughout the country, was a daunting task to say the least...
However, following the incredible opening night performance in front of a sold out audience, not to mention the endless applause and standing ovation we received, there was no doubt that our team, headed by Mikko Nissenen, was successful in building the road to a continued and respected tradition.

Of course, behind all the costumes, glitz and dazzle on stage, there are lots of perhaps less dazzling elements that keep us dancers pumping throughout the Nutcracker season.  Let's be clear, even though we just wrapped up week one, which for any regular production of our season would mean we were halfway through, there are 6 weeks of this baby...a total of 43 shows!
Here are just a couple things that become integral parts of our everyday lives in the dressing rooms:

Various kinds of goop to put in our hair.  Sure, hairspray is pretty common...but some dancers have stubborn bangs....or short curly hair..(ahem...ahem) and need a little extra assistance.  I would like to point out the yellow bottle in this instence, and is for all purposes, hair glue.  
The sentence that sums these products up is undoubtedly, 'whatever works':) 

 We are very lucky at the Boston Ballet, our company is like a small family and we are very supportive of each other. (It would be far too difficult if things were any other way!) In the corps ladies' dressing room, we have a 'snack space' where we set up various treats for the room to enjoy.  My personal favorite is the Sunday morning appearance of Stacy's Cinnamon Pita Chips, courtesy of Corps member, Sarah Wroth.
By the time Christmas rolls around, we have an all out buffet going on here...and it totally keeps us going:)

Throughout the 43 shows, the hair gels and snacks, Nutcracker performances become a routine.  Luckily, we have many different roles to perform, so we are not doing the same dances every single night.
With opportunities presented to us, The Nutcracker becomes a time of bonding and challenge.  Despite the length of the production, it would be difficult to image a Christmas time without it.
In the ballet business, we do not say 'break a leg', but instead, we borrow the eloquent 'merde' from the French.
So to all at Boston Ballet, MERDE for the Nutcracker Season 2012!
Purchase your tickets now!! You do not want to miss this Nutcracker Premiere:)

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