Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1 dollar oysters at Rialto are back and going fast!

After a brief hiatus, the Rialto team kicked off their famed 1 dollars Oyster Mondays this week with a boat load of over 1,000 oysters from Island Creek Oyster Bar.  Although this may sound like a lot, at a dollar each and combined with the hype of this dynamic team (let's also note that Nantucket Microbrewery Cisco Brewers was a partner for the evening), these babies went FAST!

 Arriving at 6:25, which I thought was an acceptable time, my friend and I only just barely snagged the last dozen. Once they were presented to us, I completely understood why..I have never seen such huge oysters! 
They were plump and delicious and went down an absolute treat with the Grey Lady Ale from Cisco Brewers.  I paired mine with a delicious Falanghina, fruity and medium body, a perfect refreshing accompaniment to our lovely array of oysters.

Rialto also had a trio of mignonettes, my favorite of which was the ginger root and champagne one (in the middle).
Needless to say, when Rialto says come in early...you had better take note because at 1 dollar, these oysters practically get shucked onto your plate...and you will not want to settle for less than a dozen:)
Lucky for us, it looks like Mondays will be 1 $ Oyster Mondays from now on at Rialto!

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