Sunday, September 16, 2012

Breakfast in the most comfortable beds:)

Still readjusting from our Helsinki Tour, this week has been a bit tough.  By about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I am turning into a zombie and the copious amounts of choreography I have had to get caught up on only added fuel to the fire. 
This said, things could have been worse, for instance, we may not have had the day after our arrival off.  Most importantly, this would have prevented my friend and I from attending a lovely Breakfast in Bed collaboration at the Natick Mall between Tempur-Pedic and Barbara Lynch.

Early Tuesday morning (the jet lag worked in our favor for this!), the two of us set off in our Zipcar for the Natick Mall to be greeted by an array of breakfast goodies in a store filled with the world's comfiest beds...not bad for the first morning back in Boston eh?
During the visit, my friend and I were treating to a personal tour of the store, which happens to be the very first retail store for the Tempur-Pedic brand.  We were invited to test all the beds - an invite we gladly accepted - and to check out the neat videos and montages they have promoting their various products.
My favorite was without a doubt their 'Grand Bed', which is basically the most heavenly mattress compilation I have yet experienced. In fact, I think I may have dozed off for a moment while I was fulfilling my testing duty...

Naturally, all the bed-testing really worked up an appetite, which took us to the breakfast buffet set up by Barbara Lynch and her catering team.  Included was an assortment of muffins and scones (my favorite!), vegetarian quiche, bagels, smoked salmon and heirloom tomatoes.  There were even to-go boxes available for those who had to rush off to work.  
Seeing as we had the day off, my friend and I were able to enjoy the treats at our leisure.

It was really great getting to meet the director of retail from Tempur-pedic as well as Barbara Lynch, I am sure both ladies had a very taxing morning....:)
By the time we managed to tear ourselves away from the baked goodies and heavenly mattresses, it was noon time.  Shops had opened and we took advantage of being at the Mall to do a bit of grazing.  Lucky for our purses, the Zipcar reservation limited us to one stop at lululemon and so we only did relatively minor damage. 
It was a great start to our first day back in Boston.  I am a bit upset that I just bought a bed for my new apartment...because it really has nothing on the ones made by Temper-Pedic...maybe I will be really lucky and win the drawing we entered for a free Tempur-Pedic bed! I relly have nothing to complain about though, because all attendees of the event walked away with a complimentary Tempur-Pedic neck pillow...too bad the event had not been prior to our Helsinki trip...:)


  1. this sounds like such a fun event! I want breakfast in a comfy bed, sounds heavenly! Glad you are back from Helsinki :)

  2. It was so fantastic...and that mall is amazing!

  3. Only issue with having breakfast in such comfy bed is doubt I would never get up the energy to actually eat. The one time I have slept on one it was like getting a free chiropractor visit while I slept. I swear all my vertebrae realigned during the night. Still, I think I would be able to get accustom to sleeping on one and finding a way to eat breakfast in bed if I "had to".

  4. haha, I absolutely know what you mean! I said to myself, if I actually had a bed like this, there is no way I would make it to work in the morning:)

  5. I have a set of the pillows. That is hard enough to resist.

  6. Sorry I missed you! For some reason I loved this event so much. Sadly, I was one of the ones that had to rush off to work :( It was great to see you today!

  7. Me too! Mindy said you had been there earlier! Such a nice event though:) Did you get your pillow yet? ;)