Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Buttery Expansion

Throughout the summer, rumors of some 'buttery' expansion have been circulating the South End; a new location on Clarendon, an addition to the original on Shawmut and Union was enough to have me on the tips of my toes with anticipation! 
I am very happy to say that this past Thursday, half of my wait is over as The South End Buttery has officially opened its new cafe space.

 A beautiful open space with a view right into their kitchen is adorned with a whole variety of interesting and tasty selections from bread to prepared take-away items and specialty condiments.
 In case you are in the area, or looking for something fresh and delicious, here are some things you might want to get in on:

As mentioned above, a whole slew of freshly baked bread from Iggy's and Clear Flour Bread tempts even the most ardent carb avoiders, the same can be said about their pastries and other sweet or savory treats prepared daily in their open kitchen. 
For lunches or dinners, an array of their prepared foods some of which are taken directly from their restaurant's dinner menu (ahem...mushroom mac' and cheese please!?) are a fantastic option.

If you are in the mood for a bit more indulgence, I highly recommend some of their frozen treats like their small batch pints of ice cream.  These guys are small, but packed with intense and unusual flavors like pistachio honey and goat cheese cherry...both of which I have tried and both of which are sure to send your taste buds on a journey. The milk cows are strictly grass fed...perhaps that makes for the especially rich and decadent quality?
Do note however, a pint comes at a bit of a steep price...10.99 a pint. Fortunately (or unfortunately) they are totally worth it:)

  Every time I have been, there is something new to try or look at.  I am especially fond of their Coconut Jam, something else I would suggest looking out for...and they are the only ones to sell it!
The South End Buttery has always been a quintessential characteristic of the neighborhood, with its relatively new dinner service, this addition as well as its soon to open location on Clarendon, they are proving themselves able to evolve, hopefully with the added space, lines will not be so long!  
This new place has been open a total of four days and I have been in three times....I am sensing a dangerous, but oh so tasty trend:)

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