Friday, August 24, 2012

Cliff diving and other adrenaline rushes at the Seaport

I am off to Stowe, Vermont this week. It will be my first time:) As much as I am looking forward to a weekend out of the city, the fresh air and the quality time spent with friends, I am a bit upset to be missing one of my favorite events in Boston, the Red Bull Cliff Diving.  
Last year was Boston's first hosting of this monumental event that brings together the world's best and most daring divers to leap from heights three times that of a regular Olympic 10 m. diving board. 
Having stopped at four locations already, the divers will descend on Boston's Seaport area this coming Saturday (25th) from 4- 6:30 p.m.

I was fortunate enough to watch the entire debut last year and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Each diver stands on the tips of their toes at the top of the ICA, some 27 meters above the surface of the water...everyone is silent.  A huge bend of the knees and the diver propels themself forward and in a series of twists and flips, juts into the water. 

This is the water they dive into, the Fan Pier, looks calm and nonthreatening doesn't it? In fact, because of the height of their jumping point, spotters are located in the water and as the diver jumps, they flutter kick near the area of entry so as to break it up a bit, otherwise it would be like jumping onto a very hard surface..Given the risky nature of these stunts, no one can make a sound until the diver resurfaces.
Clearly, this is an event NOT to be missed! I would suggest getting there early so as to scope out a good spot, last year it was really packed and people got nasty about their 'personal space'. :)
If, like me, you will be out of town this weekend, don't worry, on the 15th of September, another exciting event will be held at the Seaport; the 4th annual PAL Grand Prix.  The Boston Police Athletic League will host a day full of high speed, European-style Kart racing, right on the Seaport Boulevard. Even better? It is all for a fundraiser, so racing teams will raise considerable amounts of money to donate to the Youth Programs of the PAL.
So summer is almost over, but that clearly does not mean that the Seaport is slowing down at all:) Oh and the best part in all of this? What better excuse to go an enjoy one of the restaurants in the area for a drink or meal? Your nerves will most certainly be on end after both of these events:)


  1. have fun in Stowe! I went a few weeks ago for the first time and it is absolutely beautiful! I'm also sad I missed the cliff diving. :( maybe next year I'll get to see it.

  2. Thanks! I suppose you win some you lose some in life:) I can't wait to be in Stowe:)