Saturday, August 18, 2012

A tasty collaboration

Hidden in the heart of Somerville is a delicious and unique chocolate experience at the Taza Chocolate Factory. For those of you are not familiar with this company, they are devoted to bringing the art of authentic Mexican chocolate to Boston.  Not only do they procure their product from the horse's mouth, but they apply traditional stone-rinding techniques which produce a rustic and delicious presentation of chocolate in a variety of flavors. 

In the past few years, this company has really taken off and you can find their products for sale in grocery and specialty stores all over the place, as well as in restaurants, which prefer to use this high quality chocolate for cooking and baking.  The best experience however, is to be had at their factory, where you are hit with a rich and decadent cocoa smell the moment you walk in.  Chocolate Factory Tours are also offered for five dollars - so you can really get up close and personal to the amazing process that goes into every bite.
A company that is very much invested in the Local Boston Food scene, Taza often partners up with other local food businesses to offer special edition flavors of ice creams and other chocolate enhanced goods.
Today, from 1-4 pm at the Taza factory, FoMu ice cream, a locally made, small batch non-dairy ice cream company was the featured partner.

 On the sampling table were two different flavors which showcase the delicious work not only of FoMu, but of Taza as well.  I of course tried both the Banana's Foster and the spicy Mexican Taza Brownie.
Together, they made for a perfect treat:)
 With my two little scoops in hand, I went into the Taza store where other samples of their different chocolate flavors are on display.  My personal favorite is the Vanilla chocolate, made with real vanilla bean ground right in with the cocoa.  
It is always a treat to venture out to their factory and when they host combined mini-pop ups, it is even more exciting.
It is worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events...or just stop in for a sniff and taste..and perhaps a tour of the factory:)

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