Monday, May 7, 2012

Keep an eye out for Food Trucks popping up here, there and everywhere!

 Along with the soon-to-be regular summer weather, the city of Boston is starting to get its Food Truck act together.  With multiple locations city-wide that have a daily rotation of food trucks parked and serving up all sorts of goodies, this summer you can expect a few festivals that bring together hoards of these inventive and delicious meals on wheels.
 This weekend, there was a Food Truck kick-off with the Greenway Mobile Food Festival.  At Dewey Square, from 11:30 to 7 pm, an array of food truck and food cart teams were interspersed around the Park.  I managed to make it for a quick fix in between my two shows of Don Quixote on Saturday:)  

Having just tried the culinary innovation behind Mei Mei and Staff Meal last week, I was excited to expand my food truck experience.  The best thing about such a festival, is that you have all these great options side by side:)

This time, my friend and I went for Bon Me, one of the original Bostonian food trucks. 

It is known for its delicious take on traditional Vietnamese street food, most notably, the Bahn Mi sandwich. 

 Bon Me's Bahn Mi is huge, both in size and, most importantly, flavor! For 6 dollars, you get a gigantic, crusty baguette, stuffed with pickled vegetables, your choice of protein (we went for their Chinese BBQ pork), house-made spicy mayo, cilantro and house-made pate.  It was definitely as delicious as all the hype made it out to be:)

We also tried their Buckwheat Soba Noodles this time with their organic tofu and shitake mushroom and sesame vinaigrette. Fresh, light, but filling, this salad is another solid option Bon Me has to offer.

For something sweet, my friend went to the Froyo Truck, I enjoyed a delicious take on strawberry shortcake, with basil creme fraiche from The Dining Car.
It was exactly what I needed to finish off a great meal before heading back to the Opera House for our evening performance:)
With a quickly expanding Food Truck population in Boston, I am especially excited for the upcoming Food Truck Festivals of New England.  Starting June 10th with the Boston festival at UMass, there will be 11 such events taking place all around New England.
An entry ticket gets you in to experience about 50 different food trucks - buy a VIP ticket (limited quantity) and you get in an hour early:)
I am already counting down the days - are you?


  1. I love Bon Me's Bahn Mi! Hoping to attend a festival, I really want to try staff meal and mei mei!!

  2. Bon Me is one of my faves. I went to them frequently on City Hall Plaza last year. Hope they make it to our 'hood again this summer.

  3. I am sure they will!
    And I hope you make it to a festival as well Daisy:)

  4. Apparently only on Thursdays this year but at least I will get them once a week. Staff seems to be there more frequently will have to try them out.

  5. Staff Meal is great - and their menu is always changing:)

  6. I got to check out some of Boston's food trucks at the SOWA Market a few weekends ago. (I loved the Greenway sandwich from BBQSmith.) I'll definitely have to track down the FroYo Truck next time I'm in town--that strawberry shortcake looks amazing!

  7. Tell me about it! I can't wait till my next trip to SOWA