Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Husk, Pralines and Black Magic

 Every now and then, you go on a vacation in which all the stars seem to be aligned: the weather is perfect, you are with a great mix of people and by the end of the trip, you find it excessively difficult to return to 'real life'.
This past week, Folly Beach, located 20 minutes away from Downtown Charleston, SC was the destination for myself and about 30 other people.  We were celebrating a variety of different things; a couple of people's birthdays, the end of a long season for us dancers and simply an opportunity to reconnect with friends.
Although a large percentage of the trip's most memorable moments I did not manage to get immortalized on my camera, below are a few things that did:)
I could not have ventured all the way to Charleston without a visit to Husk in Downtown Charleston.  Voted America's Best New Restaurant by Bon Appetit, 2011, it was a must try. 
A beautiful brick house with Southern Comfort etched into all the details, it was an impressive lunch. Luckily, I was among some other foodie friends and we got to try pretty much everything on the menu.  I  particularly loved their Buffalo Pig Ear lettuce wraps with sweet vinegar marinated cucumbers as well as their pork belly BBQ sandwich.

Their Catfish was particularly enjoyable and reminded me of a similar dish I had right here in Boston at Hungry Mother.

The Wagyu sirloin (pictured above) and the Park Bacon Steak were also among my favorites. Less enjoyable was, surprisingly, their Shrimp and Grits which many of us found bland. Desserts were also underwhelming.
Still, it was a great lunch among friends, both old and new - a nice way to start out our extravaganza:)
 Most of the days were spent baking in the sun on Folly Beach, but a group of us did venture into town to check out the market.  I, naturally, was largely interested in the Southern treats.  I could not resist a big, pecan praline, which I got warm and fresh out of the factory.
 Sugar coated nuts are also traditional and a package of those made it back to Boston with me.
In all the heat, my girls and I could not resist a fro-yo stop.  Although the yogurt itself had nothing on Pinkberry, the toppings were out of this world and self-serve too:)

There were a great many things to be tasted and tried in Charleston and a relatively small amount of time.  However, I must say that what I will miss the most, are the late morning meet ups at Black Magic - a quirky and quaint coffee shop off the main road in Folly. Suffice it to say that our nights were dressed with party buses, bars and clubs and Carly Rae's 'Call me Maybe'. Recapping over coffee, baked goods and sandwiches was a must:)
This trip really had it all - what a great way to start off my summer vacation!

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