Monday, April 23, 2012

Saved by a team of Food Trucks:)

So it's been a dismal couple of days, and alas, the world kept revolving and Monday morning arrived with buckets of rain to test everyone's level of dedication.  As far as I could tell, it seemed that more than a little rain is needed to keep Bostonians from coming to work and luckily, this applies to the Food Truck population of the city as well.  From about 11-3 pm today, a cluster of tasty treats were parked at Stuart and Trinity Place, just waiting to provide that much needed midday, pick-me-up. 
I gathered a few glum friends and together we ventured out into the gray, because when the weather is shot, all the more reason to give your tummy some extra loving:)

 I had yet to try out any of the three Food Trucks parked here today which were Red Bones, Staff Meal and the much anticipated newcomer, Mei Mei.  We decided to go for a mixed batch of goods from Staff Meal and Mei Mei and it was definitely the tastiest lunch I have had in a long while:)
 Staff Meal is a food truck run by two knowledgeable gents with an affinity for an array of different foods.  Their inspiration comes from many of the 'staff meals' people in the restaurant industry are served just before shifts start, which often involve chefs' experiments. On the Staff Meal menu today - tacos!
We tried one of each as well as a helping of their homemade tortilla chips and garlic guacamole.
My favorite was without a doubt their Shrimp Kabayaki, foie gras kewpie (!!!), rice krispies, jicama and togarashi.  Yes all that in between two layers of corn yes please! 
I also enjoyed their sweet Chinese sausage, fried rice, black bean and fried garlic taco.  
It is amazing how something so fresh, tasty and inspired can come out of a tiny little truck - someone is working the genius card here:)
 While we waited for our order at Staff Meal, we sauntered over to Mei Mei (ok, so I ran and pushed a bunch of people out of the way...but whatever), and put in an order for some of their tantalizing numbers.
 Mei Mei, which just showed up on streets in and around Boston this past Friday, is run by three siblings who all share a passion for fresh, locally-sourced food.  From their Chinese heritage, they add modern and personal charm and come up with incredible combinations, with everything made from scratch.
 We put in an order of their Chinese Spiced, Pork Mac & Cheese which definitely ranks as one of the best interpretations I have found around Boston yet. The Chinese spice gives it a subtle kick, the cheese is sharp and strong and the bread crumbs give it another layer of crunch - divine.
 We could obviously not go without a taste of their hand-crafted dumplings.  Our favorite were their 10 hour braised beef and blue cheese dumplings which my friend described as 'an explosion of taste in your mouth', and she is not one to compliment lightly! Although the dumplings pretty much stole the show, I also loved the watermelon radish and carrot pickles served on the side. Their Kale salad was a nice palate cleanser as well:)
 What I loved most about both Trucks was their underlying mission - to bring healthy, but delicious, fresh and different options out and across the city.  From the siblings at Mei Mei, who travel to each of their partner farms individually to ensure the best quality ingredients to the guys down at Staff Meal with their vast archive of food us 'normies' don't usually get to experience, the streets of Boston are on the road to becoming a wealth of flavor. 
Do your bit to support not only local farmers and Food Truck entrepreneurs, but to support a much inspired lunch program - it's all there for the taking - Enjoy!
Find out which trucks are near you Here.


  1. Makes me want to hang out with you when you go on these food expeditions! But I don't think I could keep up with you. Lol!